At Flexion Health & Fitness we believe exercise should be fun as well as making you stronger, faster, fitter and healthier. We want to help you transform the way you move and feel about yourself, no matter what your age or fitness level. Our focus is on helping you enjoy exercise, find your inner (and outer) strength, improve your health and become body confident.

Whether your goal is functional fitness, fat loss, muscle gain or strength and conditioning, let us empower you to develop sustainable, healthy habits, stay motivated and reach your goals.



Want to increase your energy levels and feel fitter, stronger and healthier but lack motivation to do exercise?  Or are you someone who already does some exercise but you want to start challenging yourself more and develop your strength and power?



If you prefer to improve your fitness in a group environment, but have been too self-conscious to join a gym, then why not join our small friendly online group sessions?  It doesn’t matter what age, size or level of fitness you are we can tailor the workouts to your ability.  Alongside like-minded members we will help you become stronger, faster, fitter and more confident, whilst also having fun.



Do you have a gym membership but feel like you are not getting the most out of it because you don’t know what to do with half of the equipment? Would you like to venture away from the machines but are too scared to set foot in the free weights section?



The TRX is a highly versatile piece of training equipment that can be used by anyone in any environment.  A staple at most gyms now it’s also a great addition to any home gym and can be used to build strength and mobility.

Jenna Forest

I joined Flexion Fitness after having a baby and Karen helped me get back into fitness whilst being considerate to my non existent stomach muscles. She makes the classes fun, but equally pushes you to improve strength. A very friendly atmosphere.

Annamaria Di Felice

Karen is highly skilled and prepared in running her classes, which are both great fun and effective. Her personality is at the soul of the business; she makes people at ease and feel always welcome. You can tell she cares.

Caroline Nichols

Karen is brilliant. She tailors your plan to your exact needs, encourages you and makes working hard enjoyable.

Olivia Bicknell

This is the first time I’ve ever tried a personal trainer and I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed it more than any gym session! The one-to-one environment ensures that it’s tailored to your personal goals…and good to know that the exercises are working the right bits! Karen makes you feel at ease and I’d definitely recommend it for anyone who is shy to go to the gym but would still love to exercise.

Antoinette Hautot

Karen has been an absolute star. A little over two years ago I never would have considered that I could be fit and healthy while enjoying the journey. Karen’s classes are motivating & fun. She’s changed the way I think about exercise and proved that I can do it! With Karen’s help, encouragement and advice I feel confident that I can stay fit and healthy.

Steff Baker

I absolutely love Karen’s classes. She is a great trainer and certainly knows her stuff. Since doing two circuit classes a week I have lost nearly 3 stone in a year. I am loving the new me and really look forward to exercise. I couldn’t recommend Flexion Fitness enough.

Carla Morson

I can honestly say that she has helped and supported me in making a huge difference to my fitness levels. Exercise has never been a favourite activity of mine however I really enjoy my sessions with Karen and have done things I never dreamt would be within my capabilities. There’s plenty of variety and she has challenged and supported me every step of the way. She makes me work hard but has a natural knack of making each workout fun. In addition Karen is supporting me in my bid to eat healthily. I would, without hesitation, recommend her as a personal trainer.

Luke Nichols

I was reasonably fit and sporty already, but Karen has helped push me even more and achieve results, with good work outs and general health and food guidance. Friendly and helpful environment. Very pleased with my decision to start.

Karen Abi-Karam

Karen is thorough, motivating and very patient. I haven’t done much exercise for years and she has got me up, moving and doing things I never thought I’d manage.

Tasha Leverett

Amazing PT and my fitness has improved a lot! I have a medical condition so I never know what my body will be able to cope with on the day but Karen never makes me do anything that I can’t handle!

Claire Bridge

Karen is a fantastic personal trainer! Really motivating and friendly and manages to keep you going even when you’re absolutely exhausted! Great variety of exercises too. Would highly recommend.

Helen Smith

I have attended online fitness classes held by Flexion Fitness throughout lockdown. The attention to detail that is provided in each class is fantastic, tailoring exercises where needed andoffering advice and encouragement throughout each session making it feel like a 1-1. Highly recommended.

Christa Scott

I have been attending Karen’s sessions for almost a year now. I find her truly inspiring and encouraging. I have grown in confidence with what I can do. My fitness levels have increased and the change in my appearance is noticeable. I can’t recommend Flexion fitness enough – it really has been a life changing experience for me.

Rachael Dale

Karen is a fantastic instructor, always positive and motivating, even on days when you don’t want to train. Karen is able to tailor your program to your needs and she helped me to continue training when experiencing back problems, during pregnancy and returning to exercise 7wks after having a baby. I have become fitter and stronger over the past 2 yrs.

Jemma Barbet

OK so as a “bigger”, or should I say “curvier” person I was really apprehensive about doing anything fitness related let alone doing a boot camp style class. The thought of walking into a class scared the living daylights out of me. Karen though is just amazing, she put me at ease straight away and explained that it doesn’t matter how big, or unfit you are everyone has their own fitness levels. After just a few months I love it and can already feel and see a difference. No one judges you because they are all too busy doing their own thing. I can’t recommend Karen and her fitness classes enough. They are just amazing and you WILL feel great.

Kerrie Ellis

I have been going to a weekly PT with Karen for three years. She is an amazing instructor – warm, friendly, encouraging, professional – and it has made a huge difference to my body tone and overall fitness levels. She constantly introduces new techniques and ensures that you progress at a pace that works for you and your body. I would highly recommend her.


Originally developed from the summer training regime of cross-country skiers Nordic Walking uses specially designed poles to enhance your natural walking experience, allowing the activity to become a full body exercise, burning up to 46% more calories than ordinary walking.

It is ideal for people of all ages and fitness levels and anyone recovering from injury, as well as pre and post natal women.

Lynn Cooper

Had such fun this morning learning the art of Nordic Walking. Thank you Karen for your excellent teaching and fun and laughter. Everyone needs this in their life!

Susan Clark

Karen is a knowledgeable instructor and was supportive and totally inclusive. 


What we eat has a powerful role to play in how we look and feel, but too many people are stuck in a cycle of ‘quick-fix’ diets.  What if we told you that a sustainable approach to healthy eating is not as difficult as you may think, that a little knowledge goes a long way and can revolutionise your eating habits and literally change your life?

If you want to understand why not only what you eat, but how you move, sleep and handle stress are so important to maintaining your strength, vitality, ability to train and sense of wellness then check out our nutrition services.

Sophie Rossell

I enrolled on a 2 hour nutrition seminar with Flexion Fitness to give myself more of an education of what I’m putting into my body and also to pick up some pointers on how to shed some weight! Karen kept my interest the whole time with lots of time for discussions around what was being taught and how it could be applied to my personal lifestyle. I have intolerances and Karen made sure she knew what diet plans / process would work for me. I found the seminar so interesting and it has definitely made me more aware of what I am putting into my body and how I can improve on my daily habits. Karen delivered a great seminar and I will be looking out for future seminars. Thank you!

Lisa Norman

I attended the nutrition seminar which was very informative and explained in a way which made changes understandable. With it being a small group there was plenty of time of ask questions and Karen was always happy to help with individual needs before, during and after. I would recommend this course and would use Karen again for other seminars in future that she may hold.

Kathryn Walker

Even though I have been unable to have face to face sessions due to the pandemic, I have been very well supported in my efforts to change my eating habits. The nutrition programme has been tailored to my needs and well explained. Karen is very knowledgeable and supportive.

Maxine Hawthorne-Mold

I cannot believe that only after 4 weeks of working with Karen I have changed my mindset regarding nutrition, my sleep patterns and how stress affects my body and losing weight.
I had reached a plateau in losing weight and was really frustrated that I wasn’t losing more. I put it down to being middle-aged and going through the menopause but to date I have lost 3 cms from my waist, hips, thighs and just over 4 IIbs in weight.

I’m not going to say it’s been easy (she can be very firm when she needs to!) but I’m confident that I’ll achieve my goals with Karen’s constant support and motivation.

Sara Fellows

Karen knows her stuff, walks the walk and is both knowledgeable and approachable. The online virtual workshop was a brilliant taster into the fundamentals of great nutrition as well as more complex, yet accessible information to help you make more informed choices. It was the kick start I needed and I’ve signed up to the 12 month course as I feel I am at the start of a journey back to fitness, health and well-being, guided by an excellent coach who will keep me on track and focused on my goals. I’d highly recommended Karen to anyone wanted to make a positive change to their lifestyle through nutrition and fitness.

The smart woman's guide to mastering her menopause naturally

Feel like you are losing control of your body? Getting harder to keep the weight off or feeling anxious and tired due to interrupted sleep? Getting hot flushes and night sweats that make you feel like you might spontaneously combust? Been to the doctors and they offered you HRT without explaining what is happening to you or how you might be able to manage your symptoms naturally? Now you are not really sure where to go for reliable and practical information and support?

The Change Plan is an online exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programme designed to guide and support women to look and feel their best during the menopausal years.

If you want to feel fitter, stronger, healthier (in body and mind), more confident, in control and motivated to make positive changes that will benefit you for years to come then join The Change Plan today.


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About us

karenAt Flexion Fitness we believe fitness should be fun as well as keeping you healthy and feeling great, no matter what your age. We offer a range of options for those with a gym phobia to individuals who work out on a regular basis, whether you are looking to lose weight, increase your strength, flexibility or stamina, train for a sporting challenge event or just feel fitter and healthier.

We all know that we should exercise and eat well to stay healthy, but we also have a multitude of excuses not to. But, when you look at the health risks of inactivity and a poor diet, the argument to get up, get active and take better care of yourself becomes more compelling.

And yes it might be hard work, but think of that sense of achievement when you drop a clothes size, get a personal best or find you can do things you never dreamt of.

Instruction is given either online or at our private studio in Norton, Stockton-On-Tees by Karen Lobo-Morell who is a fitness, nutrition and wellbeing coach and qualified to work with clients who have specific medical conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, depression and anxiety, arthritis, osteoporosis and parkinson's disease.  She also specialises in working with women who are peri and post menopausal.

Meet Karen

Karen Lobo-Morell


I hold the following qualifications:

Level 3 diplomas in personal training and GP exercise referral

Strength & conditioning fundamentals and Olympic lifting certificates

NASM seniors fitness specialist (over 65's)

TRX suspension training certificate
Circuit training and Kettlebell instruction certificates

Precision Nutrition level 1 coach
Level 3 certificate in nutritional advice
Optimum Nutrition for health & performance coach

Menopause Wellness Practitioner Diploma

British Nordic walking instructor and walking for Parkinson's Disease and related conditions certificate

Certificate in emergency first aid at work

Level 2 certificate in understanding the care and management of diabetes

Level 2 certificate in awareness of mental health problems and certificate in mental health awareness for sport & physical activity

I love working out and keeping fit and healthy and doing this job means I get to share my passion and encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle, get in shape and feel great about themselves.  Previously a runner and cardio queen I have spent the last seven years focusing on my CrossFit training and now love nothing more than lifting heavy weights and developing my strength and gymnastics skills.  I enjoy meeting new people and like to think I am friendly and approachable.  I get a buzz out of watching clients develop not only their skills and strength but also their confidence, it's never too late to start exercising and the benefits to your physical and mental health are undeniable.  At the age of 51 I am fit and strong so I like to encourage clients to never let age stand in their way and when it comes to women one of the best ways to keep the menopause weight off (other than paying attention to your diet) is weight training, which also has the added benefit of keeping your bones strong and healthy and warding off osteoporosis.

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